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Trident Marketing is a Sales, Marketing, and Technology company that’s powered by great people—what this means; we are exceptional Direct Response marketers, running unmatched sales centers and constantly developing awesome technology, all of which is powered by world class human beings.

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At Trident Marketing, our people are our greatest asset, and it’s been that way for over 20 years. Founded in 1986 with the simple proposition – to envision, to achieve and to enjoy – the original team of a few young entrepreneurs laid the foundation for what has become a highly successful process of direct response sales. With such success, Trident Marketing is recognized as one of the area’s most respected and profitable organizations.

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Our vision

We are constantly looking ahead and coming up with new ideas. Working in a competitive market drives us to be the best in all aspects of our company. A great idea is still only an idea until it is put into motion. We are a team of go-getters who see ideas from start to finish. We are excited about what Trident has to offer and where the company is going. We continuously work towards creating superior results and evolving as a company.

We are devoted to people and producing the best quality. Loyalty is critical to Trident’s team and satisfaction is top priority. Simply put, we care about people. Taking the time to develop relationships has enabled us to create a positive environment for both employees and customers. At Trident Marketing we encourage ideas and take concerns seriously to assure an attitude of mutual respect.

We believe that innovation has many levels. Our creative approach in how, where, when and to whom we market our products ensures we realize all possibilities are explored. We believe in ourselves, our company and the products we sell. After all, it’s not just about producing results: it’s about producing quality work that delivers results, and having fun along the way. This belief fuels our commitment to excellence.

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Your Career

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